From Our Gallery Opening at Paulaner on Bowery

More pictures from our Gallery Opening at Paulaner on Bowery in New York City. For those that missed the event, our show will be running until November 4th at Paulaner on Bowery in New York City. Visit for directions and more info.

Call to Artists



In photography, reflections, so intrinsic to the process of photography itself, has always been a major theme. So many of our famous street photographers have used the modern metropolis’ materials of glass, mirrors, metal, neon, (copper brewing kettles?!) etc. to explore interesting juxtapositions and comparisons or just play with light and shadow.

In this exhibition we would like to bring together a variety of images that focus on all aspects of reflection.

Works Eligible: Color and Black & White Photo Print

All submitted work must be original and owned by artist.

Curator: Frank Meo 

Submission Guidelines:

Images can be sent in jpg, gif, png or pdf format at 300dpi.
Submission fee $35.00 (three images max)
Use PayPal or Venmo for payment:

Deadlines: Timetable Overview

  • Artist to submit digital files – November 3rd – 14th
  • Selection process of submissions: November 13th – 17th
  • Accepted artist notification November 20th– 21st
  • Artist deliver framed prints to gallery December 4th
  • Opening Reception: December 6th 6:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Show – December 7th– January 7th
  • Artist retrieve art work January 8th

Selected Artwork Specifications:

 Size requirements: Minimum 11 x 14 in. – Maximum 30 x 40 in. Framed.
Artwork must be framed and ready to hang. All necessary information must be filled out on the attached registration form.

Gallery Space:

 Paulaner, a German style brewery/Biergarten continues the tradition of the 19th C German immigrants in NYC, who opened their biergardens, music halls and theaters in the Bowery neighborhood. Besides offering good drinks and food, Paulaner, with its inviting community tables, is also a welcoming place to meet and enter conversations.

To download a submission form visit


Gallery Opening at Paulaner on Bowery

Gallery opening at Paulaner on Bowery

Handing with the great Sylvia Plachy!

Thank you for everyone that attended our inaugural gallery event this past Wednesday at Paulaner on Bowery. For those that missed it, the show is running from November 1st up to December 4th. Featuring artists presenting work include Donna Ferrato, Ron Haviv, Salem Krieger, Ken Hamm, Robert Ripps, Mara Catalan, Doug Winter, Maddi Ring, Patricia Gilman, Danielle Kelly, Shravya Kag, Bruce Byers, Ethel Wolvovitz and Bob Zahn. We hope to see you there!

We’d like to give out a special thanks to Paulaner once again have proven to be a true friend to our industry. Their continued commitment to photographers and for facilitating a venue to promote our craft is inspiring and we remain extremely grateful.

For directions and other information about Paulaner on Bowery visit

Art and Music Benefit for Puerto Rico

Valley Arts is having an Art and Music Benefit for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief at the ValleyArts Creative Co-op. Have a great time out with art, live music and great food and drink. I’ll be exhibiting my collection of Mind Prints in the Community Gallery and the courtyard will feature live performances from The One 50 Project, Ariana Gates & Chrissie Limos, Ito, Switch Mob and GENII Collective.

Suggested donation of $10.00 at the door. 100% of donations and 50% of art sales will go to charities directly helping with hurricane relief efforts. Donations will go to the Hispanic Federation’s Unidos Fund for hurricane relief. All supplies will be collected in the name of Iglesia Presbiteriana en Country Club, Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Item donations are also welcome. Toothpaste, hand soap, baby wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, plastic bags, toilet paper, diapers, bottles of water, crackers and nonperishable canned foods are needed.

For full details visit




Like many of you, my heart aches with all the horrifying news coming from Puerto Rico. Heather Elder, a great friend has this great project and I’ve decided to share it with all of you and to those who would like to make a difference



Like many of you, my heart aches with all the horrifying news coming from Puerto Rico. Heather Elder, a great friend has this great project and I’ve decided to share it with all of you and to those who would like to make a difference

The news coming out of Puerto Rico is awful and like so many other people, I want to help in a meaningful way.  And since we are so much stronger together, I am suggesting an idea that our photo community can be part of, called #GivingPhotography, to offer photography prints in exchange for hurricane relief donations for communities in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and the Caribbean.

Already At Edge, APhotoEditor, Le Book and The Workbook have agreed to help spread the word and I hope you will consider participating as well.  Thank you!!!  (So apologies if you get this email more than once. )

Here is how the idea works:

1) Choose a print that you are willing to donate. Any size, any photo, any subject. (This is completely self directed.  You do not need to have your print approved and you do not need to track your donations)

2) Post a photo of it on all social media accounts with information about the photograph and why it is special to you. Aim for 12:00 pst Tuesday, October 3rd so that we can create some momentum.  Later posts are welcome as well of course.

3) Clearly state how many prints of the image you are willing to donate; especially if there is only one available.

4) Ask people to make a donation to the hurricane relief of their choice and then post a screen grab of the receipt for the donation in the comments of your post to prove that the donation was made.

5) And finally, include the hashtag: #GivingPhotography

Some helpful notes:

• Choose a minimum donation amount in exchange for the print.

• Be sure to share the time frame in which you will ship the print.

If you like this idea, please share this post on line and with photographers you know and agents who represent them so that they can get started post a donation. If we make it a priority to spread the word, maybe we can get some critical mass and reach a lot of people who would be willing to help.

Thanks everyone for considering this idea.  And thank you At Edge, APhotoEditor, Le Book, The Workbook and everyone else who helps to promote this idea.  Please direct any questions here.

Heather Elder