Projections for February

Our next PROJECTIONS event is set for Wednesday, February 21st. We’ll be having Alyssa Meadows, Jan Klier and Nune Karamyan & Ted Andreasian as our presenters. We’re thrilled to have these four photographers present imagery which will guarantee a night of powerful work.

Each photographers body of work will prove to be inspiring on a variety of levels and we’re sure that you’ll leave with a different perspective. We invite you to join us and bring your friends.

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February Gallery Show – Passion

Passion is the theme of the month!

In this exhibition we’ll bring together a variety of images that focus on the expression of PASSION. It may be about love, hate, politics, social protest, envy, competitiveness, internal debate, self-motivation or war.

We look forward to a wide range of imagery that is sure to cultivate discussions and inspiration.

We thank Paulaner for their continued commitment to photographers and for facilitating a venue to promote our craft, we remain extremly grateful.

Curator: Frank Meo


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Artists view for artist submission form.