Projections is on July 17th

On the 17th we invite you and your colleagues to a thoughtful evening of photography, presenters this month will be John Trotter, Douglas Dubler, David Brommer and William Vazquez. The evening promises to be provocative, inspiring and fun! We close out the season with a final evening of PROJECTIONS with a heartfelt thank you to our host, PhotoShelter. Andy and his team have been nothing short of spectacular for these past two years. Words cannot express my gratitude to the entire crew for creating a home for PROJECTIONS. Thank you Ellyn!

We also thank Archive Magazine, who has been with us from the beginning, Claudia Coffman is the greatest! Major kudos to Peter at PDN for his commitment to PROJECTIONS as well.

We also thank our new/old friends, David and Jeff from Pro Photo Daily, AI-AP, and my favorite Dead Head, Stuart from B&H Camera. I’m humbled by the generosity of all of you.

PhotoShelter is moving to new offices downtown and we’re looking for a new home for PROJECTIONS. More about that later.

A special shout-out too Cliff Pickett who’s expertise, passion and fortitude has taken PROJECTIONS to the next level.