Heroes Speak COVID-19 Call for Submissions


Over the past few months at PROJECTIONS and other media platforms we’ve seen powerful images from photographers of caregivers and frontline workers dealing with COVID-19. The photos and the
photographers have been searing in being a voice for these unsung heroes.

Now it’s time for the caregivers to speak for themselves!

PROJECTIONS, as you know is about showcasing the vision and voice of artists. For one special evening we’d like to capture and showcase the voice of these frontline workers – raw, uncut and without interpretation.


We’d like you to interview a person in your personal world who’s working in these difficult times. It could be a healthcare worker, police, firemen, postal worker, baker, food store employee, UPS / FedEx delivery person, doorman, cabdriver, transit worker – you get the idea. Anyone who’s currently working that makes us feel safe, proud and we’re compelled to thank.

Your clip should be no longer than 90 sec. as we’d like to air as many as we can. We want to know what these frontline workers are feeling, why they put themselves in harm’s way, what scares them, what motivates them, their own sacrifice, etc.

Please do so carefully and maintain social distancing. This can be achieved in person, on a Zoom call or FaceTime. The entire presentation will be posted on the projections.live platform. You can have them simply record themselves – what they want to share – and send it directly to us using this link:


Please pass this along to others in your local and global network and help us capture something truly special. Submissions with languages other than English need to be subtitled.

If we don’t have your email please send me a note and we’ll get you connected.

Deadline for submission is May 28th. If you have questions feel free to contact me at frank@thephotocloser.com.

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