So You Want to Work in Advertising? on APA’s Tip from the Pros

Welcome to the club, we all want to work for top clients and huge agencies with big budgets. Here’s a primer to get you on the right track. Remember, we’re not doing brain surgery we’re simply setting ourselves up to succeed.

Two things: In order to succeed you must obtain a realistic view of the landscape. Next, you must be able to bang on all cylinders simultaneously in order to seize opportunities when they come knocking.

First things first, you must understand the ad world, seek and know where to look for opportunities. You must get a subscription to Adweek and Ad Age. Both platforms give you a window into what’s going on in the business.

Next, be sure you have a buttoned up crew that is professional and reliable.
This takes time, I know. But know this, no matter still life or lifestyle nothing is more important to your long-term success then having a team of pros who will help you in your production.


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