Gallery Show – Walking

Please join us on January 17th, at the Paulaner Gallery for our next opening. This event will showcase the talent of these wonderful artists: Jason Baker, Bruce Byers, Nune Karamyan, Ted Andreasian, Andreea Waters, Alec Vianu, Stephen Pile, Jason Rice, John Neitzel and Robert Essel.

The theme this month is, Walking. Our world evolves around people going from here to there. The cities are lanes of walkers of all shapes and sizes with a never ending flow of pedestrians enlivening our sidewalks, our parks and squares, beaches, boardwalks and fashion runways.

The show runs through Febuary 16th and all prints are for sale.

We thank Paulaner for their continued commitment to photographers and for facilitating a venue to promote our craft, we remain extremly grateful.

Curator: Frank Meo



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